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May 2020

What does the CDS basis mean for credit investors?

Financial markets are generally considered to be efficient, particularly in the long run. However, in the short term inefficiencies might emerge, especially in times of severe market stress conditions such as the one we are currently experiencing. This can give active investors an opportunity to take advantage of these dislocations until the market corrects itself.

Today amongst various di…

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Navigating the crisis in frontier Asia: does a debt suspension make sense?

Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Mongolia have each been severely impacted by COVID-19, albeit in different ways. These frontier economies each straddle two worlds. They’re emerging markets in the sense they’ve had access to global debt markets, with their eurobonds included in JP Morgan’s emerging market bond index. But their credit ratings are far below those of investment grade sovereigns, such as I…

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Primary market volumes are a double-edged sword

One of the main topics in the investment grade (IG) corporate bond space over the past weeks has been frantic primary market activity. Every single day, with very few exceptions, there has been a relentless flood of new corporate bond issues. Year-to-date supply has risen to around $970 billion and c. €310 billion in U.S. and European IG primary markets, respectively, thus exceeding by far new…

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US Election 2020: Is it still the economy, stupid?

James Carville was candidate Bill Clinton’s chief strategist for the 1992 election. When asked to emphasise the single most important issue to voters, Carville responded: “It’s the economy, stupid!” Incumbent President George W.H. Bush at that time had seen his poll numbers surge post the successful Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait, but at home the US economy had started to slip into a recessi…

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