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Primary market volumes are a double-edged sword

One of the main topics in the investment grade (IG) corporate bond space over the past weeks has been frantic primary market activity. Every single day, with very few exceptions, there has been a relentless flood of new corporate bond issues. Year-to-date supply has risen to around $970 billion and c. €310 billion in U.S. and European IG primary markets, respectively, thus exceeding by far new…

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High Yield managers need to up their ESG game: 4 recommendations

Not that we needed anybody’s reassurance, but the UK government’s decision that pension fund trustees must consider financially material ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors in their assessments, definitely helps those who believe that sustainability is becoming a need more than a choice – for society and investors alike.

In my view, an ESG lens can help monitor qualitative risks …

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