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Don’t call us we’ll call you

We have opined on many occasions about the call features on bank debt and have long argued that investors and issuers should price these securities on economic rather than emotional grounds (for more detail, see Jim’s blog on Deutsche Bank being the first not to call a Lower Tier 2 bond in 2008).

However, even we were surprised late last week when Intesa SanPaolo decided to amend the terms of s…

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Banking Sector Myths Exposed

The financial sector has understandably been a hot topic over the past few years and is a subject we’ve blogged about at great length. Given the constant newsflow around the sector, and of course due to popular demand, Ben Lord and Stefan Isaacs recently joined forces with Jeffrey Spencer, a senior member of our financial institutions credit research team, to share our current views.

We thought…

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Titanic Issuance: Is This The Year Of The Covered Bond?

We have been musing for a while now the impact of new financial regulations on bank funding and how banks will structure their balance sheets going forward. I speculated a couple of months ago that banks would likely begin to fund themselves by issuing a combination of covered bonds and contingent capital. My sense is that the demand for contingent convertible capital in the market is currently…

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Alistair Darling – a Chancellor who will go down in history (in a good way); and was Margaret Thatcher really a public sector axewoman?

Now that the new UK government is bedding in and getting ready to unleash austerity upon us, I thought I’d quickly look back at the last Labour government and tell you something that you won’t want to hear: the last Chancellor Alistair Darling did a very good job.

There were three significant tests given to him during his 3 year Chancellorship.  Of those, I think that two were passed with flyin…

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Taxing time for banks – lessons that still need to be learned

There has been a lot of anguish and complaints from bankers about Obama’s tax on banks, and complaining why they have been singled out. Some of this is the usual self interested financial posturing (they are bankers!), some of it is in response to unfair political criticism, typified by last week’s focused grilling of Lloyd Blankfein, a successful CEO of a successful bank (Goldman Sachs). Ignor…

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