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bond vigilantes christmas quiz answers

The 2011 Bond Vigilantes Christmas Quiz – the answers and the winners

Thank you for another bumper haul of Christmas Quiz entries.  This year’s winner is Dan Looney, with 20/20.  Dan will be familiar to those M&G clients in the South West of the UK, as he used to cover that region for us a decade or so ago when he worked here.  He was genuinely first out of the hat – the others in the full house club are Richard Sullivan, Sam Morton, Mark Dufton and Nick Tudball….

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The 2010 Bond Vigilantes Christmas Quiz – the answers

Thanks again for another bumper crop of entries for the quiz.  The answers are below, and the winners are:

First Prize (Amazon voucher for £103.20): Cecilia Liao from C. Hoare & Co
Second Prize (The Big Short by Michael Lewis): Marton Hübler from Fidelity Investments
Third Prize (as above): Nick Tudball from BNP Paribas

M&G staff member prize: Luke Coha

1. Who overcomes his fear of flying and a…

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