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Tonight’s TV, get Rosenberg for free, and low default emerging market loans

There are a couple of interesting things on TV this evening, both on More4.  At 10pm it’s True Stories: The Shock Doctrine, a film based on Naomi Klein’s book which looks at the way far right economists have used disasters around the world to impose extreme free market “solutions” (Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics) on society.  After this at 11.45pm it’s Enron: The Smartest G…

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Information overload

Enron is still a case study for the rating agencies – they rated it investment grade 5 days before it went bust. Malcolm Gladwell has written an article (click here to read article) in the current New Yorker about the perils of having too much information to analyse and how everyone was missing what was going on at Enron even though the financial statements were revealing a lot of it.

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