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M&G inflation linked corporate bond funds update

Yesterday Jim blogged that M&G was launching two new innovative corporate bond funds – the M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Fund and the M&G European Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Fund. For those that are interested in hearing further details about the funds straight from the horse’s mouth, click here for a short video interview Jim did yesterday with Charlie Parker from Citywire (video…

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The M&G UK Inflation-Linked Corporate Bond Fund and the M&G European Inflation-Linked Corporate Bond Fund

We’ve announced today that we are launching two corporate bond funds which aim to deliver returns ahead of inflation in the medium to long term.  We believe that these are the world’s first inflation-linked corporate bond funds for retail investors.  These funds will hopefully capture the systematic overcompensation for credit risk that you get from investing in corporate bonds, as well as the …

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Why are TIPS yields negative?

Last week a client asked us why US TIPS (inflation linked government bond) yields have been negative for much of this year (see chart), and we’re not sure we gave a very good answer.  This weekend, to distract myself from the monotony of doing laps of Richmond Park on my bike, I came up with these 7 reasons why an investor would lock in a return guaranteed to be lower than inflation over the ma…

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