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The Irish economy: a Bond Vigilantes quick video update

Last weekend we were at the brilliant Kilkenomics festival in Kilkenny, Ireland.  Whilst we were there (and it’s a fantastic town) we filmed this short video.  In the wake of the Trump election victory there’s a mini-panic going on in Ireland, not least because, in common with Mexico, there are many undocumented Irish in the US whose future has become uncertain.  There’s also the huge issue of …

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Ireland in need

Ireland is definitely facing a liquidity crisis, and that liquidity crisis could evolve rightly or wrongly into a solvency crisis. It needs help.

Like any such problem, that help involves emergency short term measures (basically cash funding) and long term advice and financing to solve its structural long term problems. In the next few weeks the short term problem is not the Irish state but the…

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A letter from Ireland to M&G’s Bond Vigilantes

Dear Bond Vigilantes,

The small nation of Ireland has received more than its fair share of press since the credit crunch started three years ago. The financial crisis has not been kind to the Irish economy, with the collapse of the Irish property bubble having a profound impact on citizen’s net wealth and psyche. In fact, Ireland was the first country in the EU to officially enter recession. As…

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A Shocking result for the "Merchant of Doom"

Whilst scanning the local news website in Sydney for the Melbourne Cup winner (it was Shocking for those antipodeans that are interested), I stumbled across an interesting article that features an ex-colleague of mine. Rory Robertson, an interest rate strategist at Macquarie Group, bet University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance Steven Keen that Australian house pr…

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