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Not quite a letter – CPI comes in at 3%

CPI inflation in the UK hit 3% in December. Anything higher than this and the Bank’s Governor Mervyn King will have to write a letter to Gordon Brown explaining why inflation is so high. It probably won’t read “Dear Gordon, the reason inflation has busted out of the target you set for us is that we’ve kept real interest rates at exceptionally low levels for too long. Yours, Mervyn.” – but it pr…

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Inflation – 2006 sector breakdown

Looking at the broad categories of the UK’s RPI numbers here’s a brief breakdown of where the inflationary – and indeed deflationary – pressures are occuring. The most recent inflation number we have is for November. The headline RPI was +3.9%, year on year.

 Components rising more quickly than average
– Fuel and Light: up 29.5% from a year earlier. Although crude oil prices were only up 11% ov…

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