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XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics. A $2bn high yield transaction and why we didn’t play.

As value investors we would generally assert that every financial asset has its price. Few bond market offerings tick all the boxes, but if we are to be suitably compensated, and subject to certain red lines, we are generally sanguine.

Yesterday saw XPO Logistics, a third party US based logistics firm raise $2bn equivalent of debt across Euros and Dollars to part fund its acquisition of Norbert…

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The yield-dampeners: will interest rates inevitably rise when QE ends?

After the ‘taper tantrum’ of 2013, many commentators predict that the catalyst for a sell-off in fixed income assets could be the ending of quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve later this year. In the latest issue of our Panoramic Outlook series, I present an alternative view to this consensus thinking, analysing a number of dynamics in bond markets that have surprised investors during…

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Who owns government bonds these days?

The IMF recently released a working paper entitled “Government Bonds and Their Investors: What are the Facts and Do They Matter?” which helps shine a light on whether a change in the investor base in recent years has had an impact on yields. One of the key trends since the onset of the crisis has been a shift in the ownership of government bonds from foreign holders back to domestic holders. Th…

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