The rising cost of Christmas

Inflation is set to be a dominant theme in 2007. Will a cooling US economy and global rising rates offset higher energy and raw material increases? We have been scouring around for data and have found the Christmas Price Index. Someone with too much time on their hands has created an index that tracks the cost of the elements in the song “the 12 days of Christmas”.

The Christmas index has risen…

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Which mutual funds are US investors buying?

The US mutual fund market has much more transparency than here in Europe and AMG Data produce weekly returns of flows into different types of asset classes. So far in 2006, flows into equities have beaten flows into bonds ($60bn into equities vs $42bn into bonds). However, within the bond component, investment grade funds (+$41bn) and international bonds (+$7bn) grew at the expense of governmen… Read the article

Default rate breaks new record

The high yield market is set to significantly outperform investment grade corporate bonds for the fourth consecutive year. By far the biggest driver of performance over not only this year, but the last four years, has been a plummeting default rate. Strong global economic growth has translated into profitable companies with healthy balance sheets, and as a result there have been very few compan…

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