Tier 1 capital: too much faith in a Q&A, or why didn’t you call me?

It turns out that market participants may have put too much faith in the European Banking Authority (EBA). The EBA’s answer to a submitted question indicated that non-called bank Tier 1 instruments – or at least those similar to one described by the questioner – cannot simply be reclassified as Tier 2 capital after the first call date. The EBA’s answer to this specific question – which some wro…

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The “safety race”: the systemic implications of the bank asset grab

Anyone monitoring the risks in the global financial system knows that those of us who lend to banks are increasingly asking for some kind of security in order to do so. Issuance volumes for covered bonds have increased and more countries have recently passed covered bond laws or are in the process of debating legislation. Andrew Haldane, Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of…

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Volcker Rules, OK for Bank Bondholders?

Guest contributorJeff Spencer (Financial Institutions Credit Analyst, M&G Credit Analysis team)

In an attempt to reduce risk-taking at financial institutions, yesterday President Obama announced a proposal to bar banks from engaging in proprietary trading activity that was unrelated to customer business. He also advocated that banks be stopped from owning or investing in hedge funds or priva…

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The US banking sector – an analysis of the prospects for smaller banks

Guest contributor – Jeff Spencer (Financial Institutions Credit Analyst, M&G Credit Analysis team)

Investors could be forgiven for thinking that the US banks are well on their way to recovery, with several big banks having redeemed the government preference shares and bought back the government warrants they received under the Capital Purchase Program (CPP) of the Troubled Asset Relief Program …

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