Pickled Onion Monster Munch – without looking, how many monster feet do you get in a packet?

Earlier this month the Nobel Prize for Economics went to Sargent and Sims for their work on cause and effect in macro economic policy.  All good stuff of course, but it pains us that nobody is looking at the more micro-economic problems of the modern economy – in particular, WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS IT WHERE YOU ONLY GET EIGHT MONSTER MUNCH IN A PACKET?

We have discussed food price inflation in pr…

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See you on the other side

Now that the new budget has been announced by George Osborne and spending review disseminated, the coalition is lauding its merits and the opposition is deflecting responsibility for the deficit and exposing flaws in the cuts.  Today’s budget and public sector reforms will see billions cut from welfare spending, Whitehall budgets reduced, the retirement age raised, quangos culled and a permanen…

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Fixed interest markets performance review year to date – some interesting results

We have now passed the halfway mark of 2010 and we thought it would be interesting to put together some figures to show how various bond indices have performed year-to-date (as at July 13). BofA Merrill Lynch provide an excellent download service via Bloomberg which has allowed us to extract the data in the following table. Interestingly, in this perceived world of risk on/risk off, performance…

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The Newspapers’ Dilemma: Finance or Football

I wrote a while back about the Spanish Bank Banesto offering a deposit account that jumped from 3% to 4% should Spain win the world cup.  In the UK, Nationwide has followed suit and is offering a 4 Year Football Bond that increases from 4.15% to 4.65% should England emerge victorious at this summer’s tournament.   The investors in this product will be hoping for the swift progress for the natio…

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Football promotions, Buffett and the IMF World Cup

With the latest Beckham injury hitting both the front and back pages of our national newspapers, the FIFA Football World Cup will soon rival talk of elections and budgets for headlines. We are about to be bombarded with messages from numerous corporations eager to use the tournament to expand their profile within the consumer psyche.

Apart from the usual car, razor and fast food companies vying…

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