Crossing the Climate Rubicon: Energy Credit in Transition

Energy transition pathways — the move from fossil fuel-based to zero-carbon energy — involve long time-horizons and are highly uncertain, with divergent outcomes based on assumed scenarios. The Coronavirus pandemic dented oil demand and has potentially brought forward peak global demand, if it hasn’t happened already. Against that backdrop, European International Oil Companies (IOCs) have over…

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Carillion case study: All was not what it seemed

In its 2016 Annual Report entitled ‘making tomorrow a better place’, Carillion claimed they had ‘a good platform from which to develop the business in 2017’. Less than ten months after publication, Carillion went into compulsory liquidation, bypassing administration and the chance to continue trading. Assets will be realised and distributed to creditors, leaving little or no value remaining. Bu…

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Sprouting out: green bonds come of age

Green bonds are instruments in which proceeds are exclusively applied towards new and existing green projects – defined as activities that promote climate or other environmental sustainability purposes. They enable capital raising and investment in projects with environmental benefits. The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) set out some guidelines for issuing of green bonds in Janu…

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How Secure is Secured? The new trend in HY issuance

Guest contributor Vladimir Jovkovic, Credit Analyst

Issuance in the high yield bond market in Europe this year through October has already exceeded the total issuance for the full year in 2009. The novelty since the reopening of the market in 2009 has been the fact that high yield corporates have been looking to refinance senior secured bank loans into senior secured bonds, rather than the more…

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European corporate hybrids – the centaurs of the bond world

Guest contributor – Vladimir Jovkovic (Credit Analyst, M&G Credit Analysis team)

By now we are all well aware of the economic problems that Greece faces. Certainly we have mentioned Greece a few times on this very blog. But let’s not forget that the Greeks have given the world many, many wonderful things. Democracy. The musings of Socrates (“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the…

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