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Research trip video: Australia – the land of houses and holes

A couple of weeks ago I headed back to my hometown of Sydney, Australia. In between the barbies, the beach and a few beers, I managed to get around and film this short research video.

Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and those that live there enjoy a very high standard of living. Growth is dominated by its service sector which makes up around 70% of GDP, whilst the total minin…

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Australian sport as a lead indicator for the housing market

Being an Australian sporting fan hasn’t been easy during my time at M&G over the past five years. The Olympics, rugby, cycling, cricket, tennis… Britain’s golden-age of sport has coincided perfectly with the decline in Australia’s sporting prowess. On top of this, I had the misfortune of seeing my premier league team get relegated last season (though there are definite green shoots of recovery …

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Bubbles down under

Having just returned from a couple of weeks in Australia for a friend’s wedding (all the best to the happy couple) I thought it might be worthwhile writing a note on what looks to me to be a bubble in the Australian property market.

On my first night out in Sydney I was fortunate enough to get chatting to a couple of the locals who were out celebrating, one of them having just completed the pur…

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An Australian Bond Vigilante Discusses the Ashes

After narrowly avoiding defeat in Cardiff, England won the second Ashes test at Lord’s and is heading into the Edgbaston test match with a 1-0 lead. For those of you not familiar with cricket and this contest, see here. As the sole Australian and new member on the team I expected a bit of ribbing from my fellow Bond Vigilantes. But not this much. So rather than debate the possible outcome of th…

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